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   Saints and Sages have been proclaiming the truth from almost every part of India and in every century. There appeared from time to time, giants in the spiritual hierarchy like Adi Sankara, Gauthama Buddha,  Mahavira, Gurunanak, Vivekananda, the sixty-three saints, and always they stressed the importance of devotion to their chosen personal God could not convince the doubting  Thomases. Sri Ramakrishna thus stressed faith and true devotion as the sole means of union with the divine, showing also that the path of janana and bhakthi are one and the same.

   The greatest event was yet to happen. Humanity sorely needed one who would combine in Himself all the qualities of all the saints and sages and seers right fromVedic times onwards. Such a one would descend in human form to show with finality and absolute authority the way to Self-realization. The age needed  Master ever present, readily accessible, offering never failing guidance,available both at the physical plane and spiritual plane at all times; a Master who had transcended the limitations of time and space, yet suitable for modern times. It was need of humanity since the beginning of time. A  few sincere souls lost in the cycle of births and deaths, alternating  between hope and despair, pain and pleasure, began hoping against hope  for true Master, who would lead them surely, "from darkness to light, from  falsehood to truth, from death to immortality". They prayed and yearned for such a Master. They had to wait till a male child was born in a remote village in South India, the Land of Siva, in the early hours of December30, 1879. He was named Venkataraman. He grew, studied and did whatever he had come to do, till the day He realized his true identity, His oneness with Arunanchala.

    Once a devotee expressed a wish to go to the forest near the foothills. Ramana assented eagerly and said that there was no place on the hill which His feet had touched. Once there was a delay in Bhagavan returning from the Hill, devotees went in search of Him. Bhagavan smilingly told them that the morning time was so charming, that He said He forgot Himself while on the hill, that it was so much a home to Him. The scholar-devotee Ganapathi Muni composed forty Sanskrit slokas in praise of Ramana. In one sloka he declares that Arunachala must have acquired great spiritual merit for Bhagavan to come to Him. He won this merit by giving refuge to the many saints who came to Him. When a devotee pointed this to Bhagavan He smilingly asked what merit did Arunachala possess that those great saints came to Him.

   When Bhavagan  lived in the caves on the Hills, he was very close to the birds and beasts, the plants and the simple folks living there. After coming to Arunachala,Ramana never  went beyond its limits. Through His mother and other relatives begged Him sweepingly to return, He held His own, conveying the message that nothing and no one could separate Him from father who had given  Him spiritual  refuge. From time to time great siddhas, avatars, saints and selfrealized souls have been in India in order to help spiritual seekers.Some of them were compassionate beings, some were kind to animals and others to their disciples. Ramana had universal love and compassion and no one and nothing was exempted from this.

NarayanaSeva (serving food to Sadhus) , 

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Evening Aarti at the Samthi-shrine of

Rama Maharashi. 


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